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    This product is a kind of white crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, tasted sweet then bitter, sour. The melting point is 150 ~ 154  (decomposition). It is easily soluble in water (room temperature, 60g/100mL), slightly soluble in ethanol (1g/100mL), insoluble in ether. It will hydrolyze in aqueous solution to the balanced solution of gluconic acid and lactone, and pH of the newly prepared 1% aqueous solution is 3.5 and becomes 2.5 after 2h.

         This product is a multi-functional excellent food additive, mainly for protein coagulant, acid agent, leavening agent, preservation preservative, flavoring agent, chelating agent, color retention agent, etc.It is widely used in food, household chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastic and resin modification, electroplating and polishing, metal cleaning, organic synthesis and so on.